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Bikes of Wrath

Oklahoma to California: 2600 kms, 420 dollars, 30 days, 5 bikes, 3 cameras, 2 guitars and one of the most influential novels of the 20th century — The Bikes of Wrath is the story of adventure, human connection, and an in-depth look at today’s America through the lens of John Steinbeck’s seminal novel, ‘The Grapes of Wrath’.

I was honoured to be given the job of designing and animating the maps to portray the five protagonists’ slow journey across the USA in this outstanding documentary series and feature.

The Bikes of Wrath is directed by Cameron Ford and Charlie Turnbull and 
is currently ripping up the film festival circuit and bagging many an award!

Be sure to follow its successful journey to a screen near you.

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